A not for profit 501C3 educational platform


In contrast to conventional medical training which provides limited training in preventive medicine BHI: 

  • TRAINS physicians to treat the entire patient with the goal of preventing disease and promoting optimal health at all ages.
  • EXPLAINES how to treat the patient as a unique individual who will benefit from a 360Degree treatment program
  • RESTORES medical education to its highest standards focusing on patient care and emphasizing the need for, respect, hope and empowerment for all patients
  • FOCUSES on implementing the principles and clinical application of true prevention
  • PROVIDES basic and advanced education on the use of supplements, hormones, peptides, IVs, CBD and other cutting edge prevention therapies.

BHI Benefits


Flexible learning

Flexible learning via streaming digital content.


Improved patient outcomes

Improved patient outcomes.


Increased revenue stream

Mastery of the business of medicine leading to increased revenue stream and the tools necessary to efficiently and successfully run a sound medical practice focused on patient wellness and optimum results.


Easy integration into current practice

Acquiring the tools necessary to promptly and easily implement the learning into clinical practice.



Training to help strengthen the business portion of healthcare providers practices.



Video lectures from basic-to- advanced- with running times of between 20-40 minutes.


BHI’s courses include the following:


Physiology of hormones and review of their fluctuations, functions and roles men and women at various ages. Metabolic, functional and nutritional approaches to managing and improving outcomes in hormonal deficiencies and disorders: Adrenal, andropause, iodine, menopausal syndromes, sexual dysfunction, PCOs and thyroid. Clinical application and troubleshooting protocols for use of bioidentical hormones, thyroid and adrenals.

Cardiovascular Disease

Mechanisms, diagnosis and management of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic processes. Topics include cardiovascular pathophysiology and basic biology, adipokines, environmental factors glycemic control hormones, infections, inflammation, nutrition and nutrigenomics oxidation, stress, and toxicology, and risk factor testing and treatments.


Metabolic approach to prevention, management and treatment of neurologic disorders. Pathophysiology and the role of neurotransmitters, Alzheimer’s, degenerative disorders, dementia. inflammatory processes, neurovascular diseases, psychiatric and psychological syndromes, the gut-immune-brain connection and healthy brain function. Use and misuse of psychotropic drugs and treatment options including hormones and peptides.


Comprehensive metabolic, functional and nutritional approaches to gastrointestinal dysfunction and GI disease prevention. Physiology and pathophysiology, GI microbiome and dysbiosis, gut permeability, hormones. Inflammatory bowel diseases, celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, the gut-immune-brain connection, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders.

Nutrition & Exercise

Nutritional biochemistry. Aging, metabolism, diet and nutritional supplements, weight gain, weight loss and weight maintenance.  Exercise, sports and activity. Nutrigenomics, proteomics and metabolomics.

Toxicology & Detoxification

Symptoms, disorders and diseases associated with exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, drugs, toxic nutrients, environmental and other toxic causes of oxidative stress. Pathophysiology of toxic exposure, methods to prevent and avoid exposure, including nutritional and lifestyle, early detection, lab testing and treatment protocols. Metabolic, digestive and antioxidative detoxification phases and processes.

Inflammation, Allergy & Autoimmune Disease

Inflammatory disorders, autoimmune diseases, allergies, cancer and the gut-immune-brain connection. Cellular and molecular biology of immunity, cellular stress response, oxidation, genetic damage, inflammation. Etiology of disease including environmental and lifestyle factors and the risk for cancer development. Clinical approaches to patient evaluation, testing, disease prevention and management protocols.


– Laboratory blood testing from general to specific evaluation for allergy, genetic, heavy metals, hormones and specific marker testing. Interpretation and their use and integration of testing into the clinical practice.

Radiologic testing: consideration of reasons for testing and course of action to be taken based on results.  Integration into entire patient care.

Urine testing: Use in the prevention medical practice.


Basics, specific uses and setting up best practices.


Basics of science and clinical application in prevention.

Supplements & Vitamins

Basic, advanced use and private labeling in clinical practice.


Options available and use in clinical practice.


Science application to clinical practice.

The Business

Basic practice set-up information from highly successful integrative physicians.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

Better Health Initiative (BHI) is a not for profit 501C3 educational platform dedicated to post graduate medical education for physicians and health care providers in the areas of wellness and disease prevention. BHI was created in 2007 by a group of leading clinicians. The target audience is physicians, health care providers in practices transitioning from the classical medicine model to prevention, (holistic, integrative and functional medicine). 
BHI’s goal is to become the leading post-graduate on-line professional educational platform in preventive medicine. Using evidence based, scientifically sound, cutting edge data and teaching their clinical application to health care providers distinguishes BHI from other educational platforms.
In addition to the courses provided by BHI, the platform encourages open professional dialogue, exchange of ideas and clinical support to its participants. The ultimate goal is to provide the practitioners with the fund of knowledge necessary for the successful implementation of integrative therapies and prevention into their clinical practices.


BHI online courses are: Systematically organized to provide the foundation necessary to confidently implement prevention into clinical practice.

Provide basic and advanced information in diet, endocrinology, exercise, laboratory testing, nutrition and the steps necessary to create and manage a successful and highly effective disease prevention and wellness practice.

Authored by expert clinicians who possess a deep understanding of health management and prevention.

Recorded in live video stream 24/7.

Resources- LIBRARY

Better Health Initiative’s resource library makes available the best research and key information about biomedical science, biomarkers, diet, endocrinology of wellness, exercise, lifestyle, pharmacokinetics, stress management, supplements and clinical practice management.


Better Health Initiative’s live webinars.

Present evidence-based guidelines and practical approaches for physicians in a wide variety of cutting-edge areas of prevention.

Conducted by leading experts who provide core foundational principles and the most up-to- date information.


Better Health Initiative resource library brings the best research and key information of biomedical science, pharmacokinetics, biomarkers, supplements, diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress management, endocrinology of wellness and clinical practice. Featuring more intuitive navigation and filters for targeted searching; the curriculum is divided into specific area lecture series to be used by each practitioner to optimize results.


Better Health Initiative live webinars present evidence-based guidelines and practical approaches for physicians in a wide variety of areas in prevention.
Webinars are presented by leading experts in the field and are designed to provide foundation as well as up to date information.